Rush Babes For America

Right from the get-go, Rush knows that women might take this the wrong way.

So much to unpack here. Rush Limbaugh has started a new Facebook page titled "Rush Babes For America." (Because you gotta have the word "America" in there, everyone KNOWS that Liberals hate America! That's how you distance yourself from them: by frantically waving the flag.)

Reading this transcript on Limbaugh's site, I had to smirk. He spends a surprising amount of time backpedaling from the word "babes." By going over and over the point that he doesn't mean the word "babes" in a demeaning sense, Rush makes it clear that he knows that calling women "babes" IS demeaning. (He wouldn't feel the need to defend his use of, say, the word "women!")


So right from the get-go, Rush knows that women might take this the wrong way. Doesn't stop him from doing it, though. Probably because statistically, over 75 percent of his listeners are male.  In a world where 51 percent of the population is female, that's a pretty big skew!

I was also intrigued to read that whole entire transcript and not see a single instance of the word "Feminazi." Does Rush realize that even conservative women bristle when he labels women "Feminazi?" Does he know that women pay attention to his show, and remember all the offenses that can get you labeled a "Feminazi?" It's a long list, folks.
Doesn't stop him from getting in a dig at the National Organization for Women, which he insists on calling NAGs (his pet name: National Organization of Gals). Which is kind of funny, in that I think "gal" is a less insulting term for women than "babe." The word "gal" just trivializes us, whereas "babe" both trivializes AND sexualizes us. 
But that's neither here nor there.
Rush makes a big deal out of the fact that he's getting more support for Rush Babes than NOW does. But if we look closely, he's basing this on Facebook likes. I'm not surprised that Rush can mobilize his followers to Like something on Facebook. It's the kind of meaningless gesture that he does best. But given that NOW actually has 500,000 actual members (as opposed to meaningless Likes on their Facebook page), I would say Rush still has a ways to go. As in, a full decimal place.
I feel obliged to point out, though, that a lot of those Likes seem to be coming from male listeners. Also, not to state the obvious, but most of them appear to be older white women. No surprise that Rush can sew up the "conservative little old lady" demographic, I suppose.

Image courtesy Flickr/Brandon Doran